Future battery technologies will outperform lithium-ion

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Future battery technologies will outperform lithium-ion

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Leuk artikel over de toekomst van (e-bike) batterijtechnolgie:
HOOFDDORP, the Netherlands - In technology, performance improvements are what’s commonly expected. The amount of time and money put into developing such enhanced technologies obviously depends on the stakes. A good example is Integrated Circuits (IC’s), which have seen dramatic improvements over time. While physical limits are in sight now for IC’s - after many decades - battery technology is in a much earlier stage of development. It raises the question what’s to be expected in battery technology?
While IBM Research’ technology is – like the other fundamentally new processes – in the lab stage, the strong cooperation partners indicate a high chance of success. The potentially lower cost, better safety and fast charging are critical for the wide acceptance of electric vehicles and will further improve the popularity of e-bikes. The high energy density is especially important for energy storage applications.
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https://www.bike-eu.com/sales-trends/ni ... tent=Email
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